A warm signal from December~

Salam semua geng blogger, hi!! 

"Oh it's dec..." that what i'm try to figure out. yeah. it's dec... why? Final exam is around the corner!!! gosh! frankly speaking, i'm not ready sitting for the exam but i have no choice.

Someone might happy when its come to dec. Not for Merry Christmas, but it is the last month of the year and waiting for the new year with new spirit and new planning. Should  that happens to me.... supposedly yes, but Oh! why we have to sit for the exam (big question mark???) .... if there's no examination probably i'll be the first person who wish to end the year quickly! 

This is we called as life. our life will not complete and interesting if there is no challenges around us. hurm... but do i should consider exam as the most challenges part in my life? maybe not.

What is your planning? (i'm thinking for the next year....) currently, i still counting and do not have any ideas. not as before when i finished my degree, i have plan to continue master, but now... i get stuck, what will after this? Phd? or looking for a jobs? i don't know. maybe i'm just waiting for my faith. Allah knows better. 

Only bout one month left for hangout with my friends. Hey guys, u know what, i'm happy being a part of your life. thanks adding me into your friend lists :) Sometimes you are annoying but i'll miss all that things...

p/s: Wake me up when January is come...perhaps nothing much to worry~